I'm going to be honest, this biography changes often. 

The facts don't: A little girl from Cuba got a chance to move to a new country, learn a new language and choose her own future. She grew up with the weight of that gift inciting, "Use me well." 

My reasons for choosing journalism have evolved with the many biographies I have written over time. It started as a love for writing. It's much more than that now. 

I chose journalism because it is important. 

I saw that when I wrote about people who were left in a healthcare purgatory and I saw that when I wrote about the students who, after a school shooting, flinched at the sound of a police car approaching. I even saw that when I gave a voice to a community that had all the will to preserve the identity of its suburb but not the platform to do it with. 

As journalism continues its metamorphosis from static page to multifaceted experience, I plan to ride the change with it. But, I have a feeling, one lieIn whichever format, I hope my words will serve as a conduit to connect others, bridging distance and cultures. To read something and to connect to it, to be understood, is still one of the greatest gifts.